Freaks and Geeks: Season 2 Almost Happened On MTV; Understand!


The series Freaks and Geeks, originally from the American channel NBC, is, to this day, considered one of the best series by fans. This is impressive, as it was canceled after only one season – and not all episodes produced were aired by the channel for the first time.

In an interview with Collider portal, Paul Feig, creator of the series, and Judd Apatow, executive producer, revealed that MTV has almost closed a new season for the production.

“When the show was canceled, MTV made an offer to continue production on a much smaller budget. However, we didn’t want to make a weaker version of the show,” said Apatow. As the network could not offer the same budget as NBC, the fear that the final result would have a different quality from the 1st season made the creator choose to refuse the contract.

“We worked hard on that show and you could even say it felt like a movie – at least that’s how we treated the episodes,” said Judd Apatow. For the creator and screenwriter, a 2nd season on MTV could be great, but it could also spoil what they already considered a great job.

Why Freaks and Geeks didn’t have a 2nd season?

Despite the positive reviews, the audience for the series did not reach the expected numbers. When it was first broadcast, it became only the 93rd series in the channel’s most-viewed ranking. Therefore, the producers only broadcast 13 episodes before the cancellation. Subsequently, the last five episodes, which were not available at the time, were also broadcast on the Fox Family channel.

The series became more popular when it was made available on streaming services and on-demand content. However, at the time, the audience was not enough to continue the story.

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