Fraud at the Cinnabon Mall in the sixth season of “Better Call Saul” is fully explained


Dive deeper into the first real Gene Takavich scam, invented by “Better Call Saul”, as the spirit of Sliding Jimmy lives on thanks to a daring cinnamon-flavored robbery. The sixth season of “Better Call Saul” broke tradition by not including the “scene with genes” in the premiere (black-and-white footage set in Omaha after Saul Goodman’s exit from Breaking Bad). This omission hinted at Gene’s larger-scale plans, and “Nippy” begins this process of catching up by spending an entire episode in his colorless company.

Reminiscent of the classic “Better Call Saul” scam, Gene’s scam takes place at the Cottonwood Mall—the mall where he works as a Cinnabon manager—and involves imaginary dogs, college football, and criminally bad rhymes. The Cottonwood Mall scam marks Gene’s first serious attempt at crime, as he has largely kept his nose clean since arriving in Omaha under an assumed name. Alas, circumstances bring Jin back to old habits. He duly blows the dust off Marco’s ring on his little finger and evokes the spirit of Sliding Jimmy from within.

As you would expect, the Gin scam at the mall is carefully planned with layers in the style of Inception and inspiring moments of improvisation. Here is your full analysis of Jin’s hidden intentions, why he takes every step and the moments that “Nippy” doesn’t show.

Why is Gene calling Saul better? The robbery of the shopping center season 6

Gene’s real goal during the Cottonwood Mall robbery is to gain leverage over Jeff and the mostly Silent Bob (his unnamed friend). In the fifth season of the series “Better Call Saul”, Gene is followed by a taxi driver who once lived in Albuquerque. In the end, the stranger turned to Gene during his lunch break and immediately recognized the manager of Cinnabon as Saul Goodman, a lawyer. Saul is still wanted after participating in Heisenberg’s meth empire, so if Jeff or his friend had informed the police about their meeting with a celebrity, Gene would suddenly find himself in desperate need of a lawyer… Gene immediately called Ed Galbraith to arrange a meeting with a celebrity. a new personality, but soon decided to do things himself instead.

Although Saul Goodman is known for his legal loopholes and court appearances, one of his most underrated skills is the ability to capture the desires of others, and Jeff’s innermost desire is a more glamorous life. Using this weakness, Gene offers Jeff and his friend exactly what they want, introducing them to the “game”. This, of course, makes them criminals, which means that if Jeff or the Almost Silent Bob ever turn Saul Goodman over to the authorities, Gene can reveal how the couple robbed the Cottonwood Mall department store, and all together they’d better call Saul in jail.

Preparing Gin behind the scenes for the best call to the Sola Mall

At some point between seasons 5 and 6 of Better Call Saul, Gene must have found Jeff’s house, caught his mother Marion (played by Carol Burnett), and then figured out her usual route to the grocery store. The invention of a missing dog named Nippy gives Gene a perfect excuse to loiter on the sidewalk when Marion passes by on her way home (it’s important that she comes back from the store so that Gene’s trick works), and he clearly did something to make sure that her mobile scooter would get stuck in the snow, as Marion complains: “When I came earlier, it wasn’t there.” After stopping Jeff’s mother and using Nippy as a conversation starter, you just need to turn off the power of the scooter, push away  Marion home and patiently wait for the inevitable invitation inside.

Another important detail that should happen behind the scenes between seasons 5 and 6 of the series “Better Call Saul” is that Jeff is thinking about whether he should turn Saul Goodman over to the police. When he approached Gene at the Cottonwood Mall, Jeff never confirmed whether he knew Saul Goodman was a wanted criminal. However, upon discovering that Gene is flirting with his mother, Jeff says, “All I have to do is pick up the phone, and that’s it, goodbye.” Either he knew from the beginning, or he Googled Saul’s name after their previous meeting. In any case, Jeff’s hesitation helps Gene realize that his target would rather be like Saul Goodman than betray Saul Goodman.

Explanation of Gene’s fraud with the shopping center “Better call Saul”

When Gene returns home after proposing to Jeff, he turns on the police radio. That’s because he’s nervously waiting to see if Jeff will call the police. When nothing happens, Gene realizes that Jeff is involved in the Cinnabon project.

Gene skillfully uses his collapse in the third season of the series “Better Call Saul” as an entry point with the security guards of the Cottonwood shopping center, thanking Nick for calling an ambulance.


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