Frasier star David Hyde Pierce spoke about the upcoming reboot


David Hyde Pierce offers discouraging news about the Fraser reboot. Having played Niles Crane in the spin-off of the hit “Greetings”, the actor played an important role in the sitcom as the main character Kelsey Grammer. Along with his father, Martin Crane (John Mahoney), Niles helped make “Frasier” the dynamic show it became, as all three family members got their own series of equally interesting storylines.

Frasier is one of the rare offshoots that has become as successful as its parent series. While the NBC sitcom mostly revolved around the main character, who was first introduced as a minor and, ultimately, the main player in Cheers, it was the project’s acting ensemble that really made it a lot more memorable. So, now that Paramount+ is reportedly working on a Frasier revival, it’s interesting to see if any other characters from the sitcom will join Frasier in his new show. Unfortunately, apart from the fact that there is no answer to this question yet, it seems that the creators of the reboot are also having difficulty revealing the main story.

Speaking to Deadline in light of his new project Julia, Pierce was also asked about any information about the Fraser reboot. The actor shared that he really has no idea about the progress of the project, because for some time he has not spoken with Grammer, who is leading the return of Cranes to television. He said he thought it was still in development. Read his full comment below:

I do not know where they stand. I haven’t spoken to Kelsey in a long time. The last time I talked to him, I knew it was a work in progress, and I think it’s still in the works.

While it sounded like Pierce ended on an optimistic note about the Frasier reboot, Paramount+ has yet to announce an official release date for the project. Grammer teased last year that fans could expect him sometime in early 2022. Obviously, that didn’t happen, and there’s a chance the show won’t be coming out anytime soon. Worst of all, it sounds like Grammer and his team are having a hard time cracking the basic premise for Fraser’s revival, which is the most important step in this endeavor. Without a good reason to return to the small screen, this revival threatens Fraser’s legacy.

Without any significant progress in development, viewers will just have to wait and see if the Cranes will return to television. Just because Paramount+ has given the green light to Fraser’s revival, the project may be stuck in limbo, which is not exactly uncommon given the string of other streaming shows that need to be prioritized. However, on the other hand, this lack of updates may also be a good point, as it means Grammer is paying special attention to the story they want to tell in the reboot. Whenever that happens, hopefully Niles Pierce will be a part of that narrative.