Frankie Rodriguez & Interview with Julia Lester: HSMTMTS, Season 3


Despite the fact that they finished last season on a high note, “Cool Musical: Musical: TV Series” will shake up the position of “Wildcats”. Instead of taking place in East High-the filming location of the original films and the first two seasons of the show—Gina, Ricky, E.J. and their gang go to Camp Shallow Lake to spend a summer filled with music.

Carlos (Frankie Rodriguez, “Modern Family”) and Ashlyn (Julia Lester, “Mom”) both step out of their comfort zone and leave their boyfriends to embark on a new adventure, but this does not mean that their relationship is still not strong. With the casting for Frozen up in the air, anything can happen both on and off stage once the show returns.

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Screen Rant talks with Frankie Rodriguez and Julia Lester about what to expect from their characters in the 3rd season of the series “Cool Musical: Musical: Series”.

Screen Rant: The premiere of the third season of the series “Cool Musical: Musical: TV Series” is approaching. Julia, last season we saw Ashlyn get the lead role in Beauty and the Beast. We really need to see her shine like Belle, grow and gain confidence. So what will season 3 look like for her?

Julia Lester: Wow, yeah. She definitely starts on the note where she left off, that is, in this place of extreme comfort and pleasure, and she really found herself in the previous season. And so to take all these qualities and throw her into a whole new environment was really exciting and fun to navigate and see how she fits into this whole new world after really settling into an Oriental School and really finding herself.

I’m very glad that the audience will see where she goes next, and if, you know, she shakes up a little.

Screen Rant: Frankie, we have Carlos, who has also grown significantly throughout the series. This was largely due to Miss Jenn and his friends. So what will it look like when he goes to this new camp with new people? Will it take him out of his comfort zone a little bit?

Frankie Rodriguez: Oh, yeah. We definitely see Carlos being taken out of his comfort zone. I mean, it’s just the point of camp alone, on the street and in a bunk with all the smelly boys. I think its convenience has definitely been shaken. So we’ll see how he’ll have to, like, come to his senses in the woods.

Screen Rant: Both of your characters were in a relationship when we last saw them. Of course, we have Ashlyn and Big Red, as well as Seb and Carlos. What’s going on with them? What is their status, given the change in the situation this season?

Julia Lester: Yes, I think—I don’t know if I can speak for Carlos, but I think Ashlyn is in a pretty dependent relationship with Big Red at the moment. And so it’s really interesting to watch her leave him for a whole session at camp and see how she handles it. And almost as soon as we get to camp, we’re both like, “We miss our guys!” so it was a lot of fun to portray.

Frankie Rodriguez: You know, Sebby is a working boy, and Carlos has to respect that cows are not going to milk themselves. So no matter how hard it is not to be with him, he still respects his choice.

Screen Rant: This is also the first season that takes place not in high school, but in the house of Wild Cats. It happens at a summer camp. So how will this change of scenery change the situation?

Frankie Rodriguez: Yeah, you know, I think Shallow Water is kind of its own character, just like East High is its own character, and it brings its own energy to the series. And so, it’s interesting to go to this new place, because one thing is beautiful there. It’s really like the perfect backdrop for the show. So to see that and kind of see the little pockets that they’re going to get into and do something… it’s exciting. And I think after that people will want to go to Camp Shallow Lake.

Julia Lester: Yes, I think it changes everything. And I don’t even think Wildcats are expecting a summer full of unexpected adventures. So I don’t think anyone is ready for what’s going on at Camp Shallow Lake.

Summary of Season 3 of HSMTMTS

The wildcats are heading to Camp Shallow Lake, a California overnight camp, where they and their tent mates are preparing for an unforgettable summer filled with romance, curfew-free nights and a taste of great outdoor recreation. Taking into account the fact that the production of “Cold Heart” with high stakes And a drama-filled “documentary series” is planned on the horizon, “Wild Cats” will try to show who is “the best in the snow” without leaving anyone in the fools.

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