Frankie Muniz: Where Has Malcolm’s Actor Been? Find It Out!


Frankie Muniz: Do you know where Frankie Muniz is? Best known for the series Malcolm, the actor achieved Hollywood success while still young. However, personal problems and his own aspirations made him decide to move away from the world of stars and, today, we don’t hear much about this celebrity.

For this reason, we have summarized here Muniz’s brilliant career, albeit brief. Let’s find out where the actor is?

See what happened to Frankie Muniz

Born in December 1985, Francisco James Muniz IV was considered the most powerful teenager in Hollywood. Before starring in the series that made him known, Muniz occasionally participated in other successful series of the time, such as Spin City and Sabrina – A Sorceress’s Apprentice.

Then, in the 2000s, at just 14 years old, he played the main character in Malcolm in The Middle. With 150 episodes, the series became a real hit among young people and stayed on the air until 2006. During that same period, he also made his name in major movie productions such as The Big Liar, The Teen Agent and Wild Streets.

From the end of the series, Frankie Muniz returned to participate punctually in some productions. In 2007, he appeared in an episode of Criminal Minds and in the movie My Sexiest Year. In 2012, he also made a cameo appearance in Do n’t Trust the B — in Apartment 23.

His career has yielded ten of some of the most important awards in the world of series, like the Kids Choice Awards for Favorite TV Actor, for example. In addition, he was nominated twice for a Golden Globe. With this vast and talented resume, what happened to Frankie Muniz?

Muniz has always been a quiet celebrity who has stayed away from controversy. So, at the height of his success and before he was even 20 years old, he decided to step away from the studios. His life after that was pretty quiet, but unfortunately the actor revealed that he suffers from severe episodes of memory loss. The news was released in 2017, when he revealed that he remembers very little from his days as Malcolm.

As he was also a car driver, the accidents he suffered could be the cause of the neurological problem. However, Muniz also reported two strokes, one in 2012 and the other in 2013. Therefore, it is not known exactly what the origin of the memory lapses was.


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