Frank Turner will deliver a keynote speech at the MVT Venues Day 2022 event


We will once again act as the media partner of the Music Venue Trust event to bring together the UK’s live music scene.

The annual Venues Day, hosted by The Music Venue Trust, will return next week, with performances by Frank Turner and Steve Lamak, and NME will once again act as a media partner.

The event, which will take place at the newly renovated St. John’s Church in Hackney in London on Tuesday, October 18, will bring together delegates representing institutions, promoters, agents, artists, government departments, funding organizations and many others to “socialize, socialize and share experiences.”.

We will act as the media partner of the MVT Venues Day for the second time after doing so last year and will lead the group at the 2021 hybrid event at London Ground in Hackney. DJ, journalist and MVT champion Steve Lamak will also share stories and experiences at some of the UK’s leading mass venues, and Frank Turner will deliver this year’s opening keynote speech.

Beverly Whitrick, chief operating officer of the Music Venue Trust, said: “It is becoming increasingly clear that after a couple of difficult years there will be no going back to the past, and it is now extremely important to establish new connections and find alternative ways of working.” things are being investigated. Venues Day 2022 is a fantastic opportunity to find out how people have adapted to such seismic changes.

“The mass music venue sector has always thrived due to its vibrant sense of community, so bringing everyone together to help strengthen this is extremely important. This event will be a unique meeting place to discuss cultural, social and economic interests affecting mass music venues. Venues Day 2022 is built around one key goal; that each delegate leaves by making connections or re-connections that will help them in a meaningful way.”

The event will also be dedicated to MVT’s ongoing “Own Our Venues” campaign, aimed at preventing further closure of venues by buying property rights from landlords in which music lovers and ethical investors own a stake.

Mark David, CEO of the Music Venue Trust, said: “Our Own Our Venues campaign is by far our most ambitious project to date, and it has already had a great start. Venues Day 2022 will provide a great opportunity to discuss, plan and share ways in which we can bring this initiative to life and secure the long-term future of the GMV sector.”

For more information about “Own Our Sites” crowdfunding, visit here. To date, he has raised almost £400,000, with the scheme recently backed by Ed Sheeran.

“‘Own our Venues’ is an initiative that I really want to support,” Sheeran said. “Small independent venues are so important to the music community, and I’ve played some of my favorite concerts in these halls in my entire career. We must do everything possible to protect these beautiful places that we have all loved for many years.”

The “Own Our Venues” campaign is built on the Community Share model, which previously formed a successful way to protect local pubs, post offices and sports grounds. MVT has identified nine sites that will be involved in the pilot project, and ownership of other sites will be granted as they become available.

Last year, Bob Whelan delivered the opening speech of Bobby Whelan and called for more diversity both on and off stage in live music.



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