Frank Sinatra’s Dark Deeds Could create Problems for Ronald Reagan


Frank Sinatra was friends with two separate presidents, John F. Kennedy. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Although his level of fame was useful to politicians when Sinatra supported them, some worried about the appearance of friendship with the pop singer. Sinatra allegedly had mafia connections, which undermined his friendship with Kennedy. Some suggested that his friendship with Reagan could have a bad effect on the president.

Frank Sinatra Didn’t like Ronald Reagan at first

Sinatra didn’t like Reagan when he met him as an actor.

“He told me that he thinks Ronald Reagan is a “dumb nerd who can’t get a job in movies, that’s why he went into politics,” Shirley MacLaine wrote in her memoir “My Lucky Stars: Hollywood Memoirs” according to Vanity magazine. Fair. “He threatened to leave California if Reagan was ever elected to public office.”

Sinatra didn’t like Nancy Reagan either.

“He thought Nancy was a ‘dumb woman with thick ankles who can’t play,'” McLane wrote. “I heard him screaming and swearing at the TV when they showed up.”

Some wondered if Frank Sinatra’s alleged mafia connections would affect Ronald Reagan.

However, growing up, Sinatra softened his opinion of the Reagans. McLane believes that Sinatra’s friendship with him arose from the fact that the Kennedy family treated him with disdain, without changing their political beliefs. Despite this, Sinatra became friends with Reagan. Some thought it would hurt Reagan’s political career.

According to a 1981 Wall Street Journal article, Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. gave free concerts at a mafia-run club in suburban Illinois in 1976. fraud. Several people were found guilty in the case, others were under suspicion. One of those people was Sinatra.

At the same time, Sinatra played a prominent role at Reagan’s inaugural party, and Reagan attended Sinatra’s wedding. Some wondered if the close relationship between the two men would help Sinatra avoid federal scrutiny during the investigation. Reagan refrained from commenting on the investigation, but made a vague statement about the allegations.

“We’ve been hearing these things about Frank for years and we just hope none of them are true.”

The singer was also friends with John F. Kennedy.

Sinatra was also a close friend of Kennedy. He met the former president through their mutual connection, Peter Lawford. They were close friends by the time Kennedy launched his presidential campaign.

Sinatra openly supported Kennedy, so he held charity events and allowed the campaign to use his private jet. Sinatra also hosted a gala concert before the inauguration after Kennedy’s election.

Their relationship was irreparably damaged due to Sinatra’s alleged ties to the mafia. Sinatra built a presidential suite and helipad at his home in California. The president was supposed to stay with the singer, but Robert Kennedy thought it was better to stay away from Sinatra. Instead, Kennedy stayed with Bing Crosby.

Sinatra was so furious that he took a sledgehammer to the helipad. He never forgave Robert Kennedy for this decision.