Frank Miller: Comic Book Author Stays Out of Convention After Controversy


Frank Miller: Recently, the organization of Thought Bubble, the famous UK comic book convention, announced that Frank Miller will no longer participate in this year’s edition, as previously announced. The decision was made due to the controversy involving the artist, which motivated the spontaneous withdrawal of Zainab Akhtar, editor of ShortBox, from the event’s schedule.

Akhtar claimed that Thought Bubble was approving certain works by Miller that brought veiled prejudices to Islam, particularly citing Holy Terror, a graphic novel released in 2011, which brings a reaction to the September 11 attacks that most critics consider highly Islamophobic.

Frank Miller’s participation was confirmed in early June this year, when an official poster was released for the event, scheduled to take place in November 2021. At the time, Akhtar immediately took the opportunity to express his displeasure with the artist’s participation in the program.

Understand the controversy surrounding Frank Miller and Zainab Akhtar

Zainab Akhtar announced his withdrawal from the event on July 27, sharing an official note via ShortBox’s Twitter account, given that the Thought Bubble organization had not yet commented on his criticisms.

“Anti-Muslim fanaticism is repugnant and reprehensible, yet it has become so deeply rooted, so widely accepted in society that it is not even given a cursory consideration, as evidenced once again in this situation,” she wrote at the time.

Upon receiving the support of several colleagues, the next day, the Thought Bubble organization also used Twitter to share its position, informing everyone that it would be uninviting Frank Miller for the 2021 edition of the event.

“We are very sorry, especially for those we should support the most. We hope you can give us the opportunity to improve these issues and we thank you for holding us accountable [in this],” they shared.

So far, Frank Miller or his team hasn’t commented on this matter. In addition to Holy Terror, the artist is quite famous in the world of comics because of Sin City, 300 and Batman: The Dark Knight.


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