Franck Gastambide announces a new season of madness!


On his Instagram account, Franck Gastambide teased season 2 of Validé. According to him, we should be entitled to a season of madness

If Koh-Lanta occupied the lives of many viewers during the first confinement, a Canal Plus series did too. Indeed, Validé, by Franck Gastambide, brought together millions of people in front of their TV. And season 2 is coming soon.

Maybe some don’t have the premiere yet and don’t want to get spoiled. If this is the case, we do not recommend that you read what follows. This article contains lots of facts that may tell you parts of the story.

Because yes, before talking about season 2 of Validé, it seems good to remember what to deal with the first. In this one, we were following the story of Apash. A rapper game from the Parisian suburbs wanting to break into the middle.

His explosion occurs when he invites himself into the Rap Planet of his idol who has never replied to his messages: Sam’s. In revenge, the artist who performs by Hatik does not hesitate for a second and clasps him in his own Planet Rap.

A very daring gesture, but which will allow him to be spotted by a producer, Franck Gastambide. In the end, putting the young rapper more prominently than his own artist. A “clan” war ensued between the two sides.

In the end, the hatchet is buried and the two rivals collaborate to offer a concert of madness at the end of the first season of Validé. But the evening ends badly as Apash and his friends get shot at the end of the performance.

Validated season 2: Franck Gastambide announces a new season of madness!


This leaves a huge doubt as to a possible sequel. However, season 2 will indeed see the light of day according to the last post of his “dad”. The latter, letting it be known that he was very happy with the editing of the first episodes.

On the other hand, do not count on him to say what will deal with the second part of Validé. We suspect that Hatik is not going to be part of the project. Unless he is able to come back from the dead … which we highly doubt.

However, be aware that a prestigious cast will be present. As Generations noted, we will be able to find, as in season 1, Sabrina Ouazani, Moussa Mansaly (Sam’s), or even Hakim Jemili.

That’s not all. The latter will therefore be accompanied by Alonzo, YL, Kofs, Rohff, Sniper, Soolking, and other rappers. Beautiful people that we can’t wait to see in a few months.

Because yes, although we don’t have a release date yet, we can hope that Season 2 will land soon. If it comes around the same time as last year, we should wait until March or beyond.

For the moment, we can always speculate to know what we will see in the second part of Validated.


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