Francis Mossman: Spartacus Actor Dies at 33 Years Old


Actor Francis Mossman, 33, was found dead in his home last Saturday (14). The news was reported by People magazine and confirmed by the family. The reason for the death was still publicized.

Francis was from New Zealand but lived in Sydney, Australia. Now, the family has released a virtual kitty to take the actor’s body back to New Zealand and perform the funeral in his home country.

“Francis was extremely kind, enthusiastic and very caring, making a positive impact on the lives of many who knew him. He had the most infectious smile along with the brightest sense of humor imaginable. this he had the warmest and most generous loving heart that lit up wherever he went,” said the actor’s brother in a post on social media.

“Francis’ mother’s last wish is to see her son one last time before he rests,” he lamented.

Francis was best known for his work on the series Spartacus, in which he played Vitus, a former slave of the House of Batiatus, and in The Orizon.


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