France Tests Air Taxi for 2024 Olympics


Air Taxi: The German company Volocopter made a bold promise: the automaker wants to start its own operations with an air taxi service already in the 2024 Olympic Games, which will take place in Paris.

According to Reuters, Volocopter successfully demonstrated the electric model Volocopter 2X at Le Bourget airport last Monday (21). The test took place during the Paris Air Forum, accompanied by local government and industry officials.

The Volocopter that flew in France has a capacity for two people and a luggage compartment, but it was not manned in the tests. In all, he spent three minutes in midair and did a little vertical considered perfect. The vehicle was at an altitude of 30 meters, at a speed of 30 km/h and moving for about 500 meters.

The company’s project has been disclosed since 2015, the first commercial model was announced in 2019 and, in the following year, it even opened ticket reservations for interested parties. Volocopter’s ultimate goal is for the models to be fully autonomous, but in the beginning they must be driven by a professional and accredited pilot.

In addition to the technological challenges, there are also regulatory steps for the service to operate freely in each market.


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