France Announces: First Digital Euro Trial Succeeded


The Central Bank of France issued a press release today and announced that the first digital euro trial was successfully completed.

The French Central Bank conducted a joint test with Societe Generale on May 14. The Central Bank managed to sell securities with digital euro on its own blockchain platform.

Having successfully completed the first digital euro test, France announced that these studies have been going on since the beginning of the year. According to the information in the press release of the Central Bank, France will continue to work on digital euro in the coming months.

We know that the Central Bank wants to test digital euro especially in interbank transactions, although the details of future studies are not yet fully known. A section from the press release is as follows:

“As the Central Bank of France, we have been working with our own digital money since the beginning of this year. The purpose of these studies is to see if such new technologies can be used to improve financial markets, especially interbank regulations. ”


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