Fran Drescher tells: “Mister. The mayor’s role in her personal life after the divorce: I was an “animal released from the zoo”


Dating can be difficult, but not for Angelica Fran Drescher. The actress dropped in on Mr. Mayor on Tuesday, March 29, in an episode playing a famous TV commercial star who has a one-night stand with Ted Danson’s Neil Bremer, and it didn’t end well.

“I like that the heroine was so extravagant, funny, sexy and wanted to live in her own way. She was very funny. She had a lot of energy. She was interested in getting laid and not having any conditions.

Unfortunately for Neil, he was looking for stability when he meets Angelica, who was unceremoniously in the “rampage” stage. Although they got along—even despite Neil’s awkward correspondence—she quickly got along with another man, played by Peter Gallagher.

“When I got divorced, I really looked like an animal released from the zoo,” explained the nanny graduate, saying she could “totally” relate to Angelica’s antics. “I did it in the back of a limo! This was when they were stretched with a privacy screen. And I really had a great time.”

Although it was only a guest role, Drescher was ready to return. And, who knows, maybe by that time Angelica will settle down.

“If I was asked, I would be glad if I was invited again. In this episode we are, as it were, on different pages of the book of life. I’m trying to have fun because I recently got divorced and he was looking for maybe something more meaningful,” she told us. “But, you know, the wandering stage after a divorce is short-lived. After a while, I think most women want something deeper. And so maybe if I come back, I’ll come back a different woman who remembered him as someone who was once on another page in the book of life, but maybe not so much now.”

For Drescher, just working together with the 74-year-old Danson was a pleasure. “He’s great. I’ve loved it ever since Cheers. I was very pleased to star in this episode of Mr. Mayor. It was very cleverly written, very modern in its references and language, and all this attracts me very much,” she said. “He’s very thoughtful, very attentive, very generous [actor]. We are very contrasting. He’s a little less energetic, and I’m more energetic, just like my character. So I think it made us something like a marriage made in heaven, because opposites attract. And the way we are on the screen, and how our characters were written.”

Working with creator Tina Fey wasn’t bad either. “I’ve always wanted to work with Tina. I think she’s an absolute genius,” she told Us. “I like everything she calls her name.”