Foxconn to make ‘revolutionary’ electric car for Fisker


This Wednesday (24), Fisker announced its newest collaboration with Foxconn on its Twitter account. The partnership will promote the production of 250,000 units of the second model of the US “revolutionary” electric vehicle from 2023 – about half of the current production capacity of the giant Tesla. The post features a discreet sketch of what looks like the design of the new car, a possible pickup or SUV.

According to the company, the manufacture of the new electric vehicle model may take place at Foxconn’s plant in Wisconsin, in the United States. The facilities were developed for the assembly of LCD panels, with a promise to receive an investment of US $ 10 billion (equivalent to R $ 54 billion, in direct conversion) and the generation of 13 thousand new jobs.

However, since then, only 3% of the original amount has been invested and, to date, most of the infrastructure is being used as storage warehouses.

Foxconn, in turn, is a Taiwanese company focused on the production of electronic products, with factories present in several countries – including Brazil, which has all the company’s facilities in Latin America.

Known for making several iPhone models, Foxconn may be adapting to meet the growing demand in the electric vehicle market, as it has also closed other similar partnerships with Geely, the largest private vehicle manufacturer in China.

Meanwhile, Fisker’s first electric vehicle model, the SUV Ocean, should be available at the end of this year with prices starting at US $ 37,499, about R $ 205 thousand in direct conversion. The company expects to increase the availability of the model “in large volumes” in early 2022.


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