Foxconn Reports 20% Increase In Quarterly Revenue


Foxconn: Taiwanese company Foxconn, which makes the iPhone for Apple, as well as serving several other tech giants, posted a 20% increase in its revenue in the second quarter of 2021. Monday (5).

According to the publication, the revenue of Hon Hai Precision Industry, as the company is also called, rose to NT$1.36 trillion, equivalent to US$48.7 billion (R$248 billion in direct conversion, according to the quotation of the day). The amount is slightly above the estimated amount for the period, which was NT$1.34 trillion.

The accumulated revenue for the year, added the performances of the first and second quarters, reached NT$ 2.7 trillion, which amounts to approximately US$ 96.4 billion (R$ 491 billion). This represents an increase of 31.21% compared to the figures for the first two quarters of last year.

The report also brings information regarding Foxconn sales recorded in June. In the sixth month of the year, the electronic components manufacturer sold NT$ 401.6 billion (R$ 73.2 billion), a drop of 11.74% compared to the performance of June 2020.

Driven by the pandemic

While countless companies have struggled as a result of the new coronavirus pandemic, Foxconn has greatly increased its revenue because of the effects of the health crisis. As the document suggests, the better performance is related to the high demand for electronics in recent months.

Demand for cell phones, computers, consoles and servers continues to rise as people continue to work, study and play at home to protect themselves from covid-19. As it serves several companies, the trend is that performance will continue to grow.

One of his next jobs will be the production of the iPhone 13, which should be released in September, helping to ensure the company’s good performance at the end of the year.


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