Fox Exec “Absolutely Has No Regrets” about Casting Rudy Giuliani for “The Masked Singer”


I feel good! Rudy Giuliani’s appearance in “The Singer in the Mask” caused a lot of controversy, but one of the Fox executives said he had no remorse about the fact that the politician was present on the show.

“The masked singer is about creating amazing moments, and that’s exactly what [we] have achieved, whether on set or with the audience at home,” said Rob Wade, president of alternative entertainment and special programs at Fox Entertainment. Monday, May 16, adding that he “absolutely does not regret” the choice of the former mayor of New York, 77 years old.

Wade noted that his only desire was to keep Giuliani’s appearance on the reality show a secret until it aired last month. “My only regret or surprise was that the revelation was spoiled,” he joked.

In February, Deadline reported that judges Kyung Jung and Robin Thicke left the set when the lawyer was exposed as Jack out of the Box during filming. When the episode aired on April 20, the 52-year-old “Hangover” star said: “I’m done” and left the stage when Giuliani began his last performance without a mask. The 45-year-old Blurred Lines singer wasn’t seen leaving, but he didn’t appear alongside Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger in the final minutes of the episode.

“It’s definitely something I would never have guessed,” Thicke said after Giuliani’s introduction. Host Nick Cannon, for his part, added: “I think it surprises us all that you are here at The Masked Singer. The former assistant attorney general told the group that he would like to participate in the series for his 5-month-old granddaughter Grace.

Jack in the Box appeared in only one episode of the Fox series, but his package of tips did not shy away from his controversial involvement in the administration of former President Donald Trump. One clue—a sign indicating winter, spring, summer and autumn—pointed to his role at a November 2020 press conference held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia after the presidential election.

A week after Giuliani’s elimination, the “Masked Singer” hit the headlines again when Kirstie Alley was revealed as a Mammoth. The 71-year-old Cheers graduate has been criticized for sharing controversial posts on social media on topics such as the coronavirus pandemic and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Earlier this year, Alley’s former Dancing with the Stars partner Maxim Chmerkovskiy called on her to delete a tweet in which she claimed she didn’t know what to believe about the war in Ukraine.

“Dear Kirsty, we haven’t talked for a long time, but I clearly remember being by your side when you organized relief trucks during Hurricane Sandy, and I remember everything you told me about situations where innocent people suffer.” The 42-year-old professional ballroom wrote on Instagram in February. “The same energy is needed right now. No one needs your prayer if you don’t know what is true and what is false.”