FOX Announces Its Decision Regarding the 2023 USFL Season


Fox has decided to bring the USFL back for at least one more season.

Fox CEO Eric Shanks spoke with John Garand of Sports Business Journal and confirmed that the league will return in 2023.

Our and also reports that there will be no expansion next season, so eight teams will remain in the league. However, there may be an expansion by 2024.

“We always had an expansion plan that could potentially come into play in the third year and later,” Shanks told Orand.

The second season will also feature games in other markets.

“Next season, eight USFL teams will play in two to four markets, which means there will be several teams in each market. In the end, it is planned that all teams will be in their home markets,” writes Ourand.

The first league championship game is expected to take place this weekend and will be shown on NBC.