Four years after ordering the series, Jennifer Garner’s reunion on television with the pseudonym of the veterinarian and J. J. Abrams was canceled


Somehow, it’s been 16 years since the world said goodbye to Sydney Bristow’s badass spy Jennifer Garner, who headed the former ABC action movie “Spy.” During this time, fans demanded that Garner reunite with the creator of the show JJ. Abrams for some kind of revival—not the reboot that the network was considering more than a decade ago—and it seemed like we could get the next best thing in the form of “My Fame Was I Had Such Friends” on Apple TV+. The streaming project, the series of which was ordered back in 2018, was supposed to be a reunion of Garner and Abrams, but now the project has been canceled after Garner unexpectedly left.

It does not seem that significant progress has been made in the years since Apple TV+ subscribers could look forward to the release of the series “My Glory, Did I have such Friends”. And while it’s unclear if production was scheduled to begin soon, Deadline reports that Garner decided to pull out of the long-awaited limited series for scheduling reasons. Presumably, they are related to another Apple TV+ series that she is currently filming, “The Last Thing He Said to Me,” which is produced by the Hello Sunshine banner Reese Witherspoon.

Without Jennifer Garner appointed as the head of the new project, Apple TV+ executives decided to cut losses and stop working on the production of Bad Robot and Warner Bros. TV. The memoirs “My Fame was, I had such friends”, which, admittedly, have nothing to do with the “Pseudonym”, focus on author Amy Silverstein’s journey before her second life-changing heart transplant, as well as on a group of endlessly supportive friends who helped her cope with this stressful and emotionally anxious time. The book was acquired by Bad Robot back in 2017, shortly after its debut.

However, the limited series project doesn’t seem to be completely throwing in the towel, as Bad Robot and Warner Bros TV executives are reportedly still interested in bringing the adaptation to life. So the goal will be to find another home for him after the decision to cancel Apple TV+, but that goal may not be realized yet. The writers are reportedly working on creating additional episode scripts to show more before turning to other networks and streaming platforms.

Having been nominated for four Emmy Awards for her work on Spy, Jennifer Garner has certainly made a home for herself in the streaming world in recent years, even if she will no longer be starring in this particular drama. In 2021 and 2022, she directed two different Netflix films, the mediocre family comedy “Yes, Day” and the time-traveling audience monster “Project Adam”, as well as the aforementioned series “The Last Thing He Told Me”. This production will be followed by other announced projects, such as the TV series “I can’t go Home” and the musical comedy “Fantasy Camp” with the writer and director “I feel Beautiful” Abby Cohn.

This failure with the film “My Fame was, I had such Friends” is just the latest depressing headline dedicated to the “Bad Robot” TV production plan, and HBO has put an end to another slowly developing project that was commissioned for the series in 2018, Demimonde, which was partially canceled. due to budget requests reaching about $250 million. All Warner Bros. Film and Television related to J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot found themselves in the spotlight thanks to the merger of WB Discovery, and various other previously announced projects for HBO and HBO Max also faced financial difficulties in the extended stages of development. Will we ever see the “Dark Justice League” devoid of updates, which first made a splash more than two years ago?

“Bad Robot” still has an upcoming TV series, “Speed Racer,” which is in development on Apple TV+, as well as an adaptation of Scott Turow’s legal thriller “Presumption of Innocence,” with David E. Kelly leading that front. Perhaps if My Glory Was I Hadsuch Friends finds a replacement for Jennifer Garner at A+ level, Apple will put its hat back in the ring.

Although it’s disappointing that Jennifer Garner won’t be reuniting with JJ. Abrams in this new TV show, at least Alias fans saw the cast reunite in 2021 on the 20th anniversary of the show’s premiere. And there’s still a chance of rebirth somewhere else in the future, right?


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