Four Manchester United Stars Cristiano Ronaldo Have Been Invited to Saudi Arabia After His Dramatic Departure.


Cristiano Ronaldo has invited several of his former Manchester United teammates to Saudi Arabia to watch him play for Al-Nasr.

Due to Ronaldo’s bitter departure from Old Trafford, he was unable to properly say goodbye to his former colleagues.

Immediately after the explosive interview with Piers Morgan, he immediately joined the Portuguese national team at the World Cup.

According to The Sun, Ronaldo contacted Rafael Varane, Casemiro, Bruno Fernandez and Harry Maguire to visit him in Portugal or even Saudi Arabia.

The Sun reports: “Ronaldo, 37, is currently building a luxury house on the outskirts of Lisbon and has written to some of his United pals about getting together in the summer.”

“He also asked if they would be interested in watching him play for his new club in the Middle East, if the schedule allows it.”

The Sun reports that an Old Trafford insider said: “He recently left a group of players on WhatsApp, but promised to keep in touch with some and invited them to his new place in Lisbon and Saudi Arabia to watch him play.”

According to an insider, Ronaldo did not leave a bitter taste in the mouth of all players, and many still highly appreciate him.

Like Ronaldo, they seek a proper farewell.

The 37-year-old man sent his fleet of luxury cars back to Portugal.

It is clear that the Carrington staff hoped that Ronaldo would play one of his cars the same way Sergio Aguero did when he left Manchester City.

Aguero gave Etihad employees a lottery ticket for his Range Rover, which the picker eventually won.


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