Founder of Reddit: We Have Crypto Money Spring


Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, thinks there is a spring of crypto money right now.

Reddit, one of the largest online platforms in the world, recently launched its own tokens. These two tokens, Moon and Bricks, are currently being actively tested by more than ten thousand people.

Meanwhile, Reddit killer Ohanian gave an interview to Yahoo Finance and evaluated the trend in the cryptocurrency sector. Ohanian says that he is also an investor but cannot comment on the future of the market. He believes the industry is in good shape, even if he doesn’t make any predictions for the price of Bitcoin:

“Frankly, I don’t follow the price much, nor can I estimate the price. But when I look at the engineers, product developers, designers and new projects in the industry, I can say that we are really experiencing a spring of crypto money right now. I am interested in this. There are very talented people developing blockchain-based projects. ”


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