Foundation: Season 2 Of The Apple TV+ Series Gets First Images


Foundation: The science fiction series Foundation, adaptation of the work of Isaac Asimov for Apple TV+, has revealed the first images and new names that will be in the 2nd season. The attraction under the direction of David S. Goyer and starring Jared Harris and Lee Pace will have the addition of Isabella Laughland, Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Kulvinder Ghir, Dimitri Leonidas, Ella-Rae Smith, Ben Daniels, Rachel House, Holt McCallany, Mikael Persbrandt and Nimrat Kaur in its cast.

The new actors join Lou Llobell, Leah Harvey, Terrence Mann, Laura Birn and Cassian Bilton, all of whom are expected to return for the new year of the saga. According to Deadline, Laughland (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) will play Brother Constant, a believing and courageous character who will have the task of evangelizing the Church of the Galactic Spirit through the Outer Reach.

Sencindiver (The Wheel of Time) will play Enjoiner Rue, a beautiful and politically savvy character who is aiming to become a royal counselor. Ghir (Dribbling Fate) will play Poly Verisof, a member of the high cleric of the Church of the Galactic Spirit whose main characteristics are intelligence and sarcasm. Leonidas (Centurion) will play Hober Mallow, a merchant with a sarcastic personality and questionable morals, who is summoned against his will to serve a greater, selfless cause.

Smith (The Stranger) will play Queen Sareth, who will seek to enter the Imperial Palace with the secret purpose of revenge. Daniels (The Exorcist) will appear as Bel Roise, the last great general of the Superliminal Fleet and conqueror of the Foundation. Bel is very noble, but her allegiance to the Galactic Empire is waning. House (Moana) will play Tellem Bond, mysterious leader of the mentalics.