Forza Street Released Free for iOS and Android


Forza Street, the mobile game of the legendary racing series Forza, is now available as a free download for iOS and Android users. A few gifts are waiting for the players who downloaded the game within 30 days.

With the agreement between Samsung and Xbox in the past months, Forza Street, which has been published on the Google Play Store and Galaxy Store for Android phones, is out for all mobile platforms today. The game is downloadable for Android and iOS users worldwide.

Completely free, Forza Street provides players with a cinematic experience and allows them to have fun in their spare time. Forza Street also has the variety of vehicles the Forza series always has. Players can use any vehicle they want in the game.

Special gifts for the first 30 days:
Players who download the game to their iOS or Android smartphone can use Xbox Live Login and access 1000 G achievements at any time. Points earned in the game are synchronized with the Windows 10 version of the game. Thus, players do not have to deal with two separate accounts.

Broadcast for all mobile phones, Forza Street welcomes the first 30 days special players. Players who download the game from Windows 10 platform in addition to iOS and Android get the Ford GT tool for free. However, Samsung Galaxy users are getting more gifts within the game.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy device user and install Forza Street on your device, you can have a Ford Mustang GT as well as a Ford GT. However, if you are a Galaxy S20 user, you can add the Chevrolet Corvette C6 to your garage in addition to these two cars. Of course, in order to receive these gifts special to Samsung, the game must be downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

You can get Forza Street, which is available on all mobile platforms, for free from Google Play Store, App Store and Galaxy Store stores.


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