Forza Motorsport 7 Will Go Out of Digital Stores on September 15


Forza Motorsport 7, the 2017 edition of Forza that was one of the flagships in the Xbox One X promotion, comes to the end of its “life” on September 15th. This means that the game and its DLCs can no longer be purchased from the Microsoft Store after that date.

Anyone who already has the game need not worry. Both the base game and its extra content will continue to be downloadable normally to play, only new purchases will not be possible. Even multiplayer and other online features should continue to function normally even after the title stops being sold.

And the news could turn out to be welcome for Xbox Game Pass players. Anyone who plays Forza Motorsport 7 through the subscription service and has purchased DLC for the game – but not the game itself – will receive an activation token to have the title in their account.

This token will be automatically distributed through the Xbox messaging system by August 2nd. And if you fit the profile and you don’t receive a token by that date, please contact support, because tokens can only be used until September 15th, and will expire after that.

While Forza Motorsport 7 doesn’t leave the store, Microsoft is doing a “enjoy it while you can” and put a 75% discount on the game.


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