Forza Horizon 5 To Keep The Series At The Forefront Of Video Games


Forza Horizon 5: Anyone who follows the progress of the main video game motorsport franchises should know that a good few years ago the Forza series took the lead and became the main target to be beaten by aspirants to the throne. Brilliant both in Horizon’s most arcade endeavors and in the Motorsport simulator vibe, in 2021 the brand will take another turn in the lead with all the safety and excellence expected by fans.

This was evident already in the first minutes of testing Forza Horizon 5, which we had the pleasure to play in advance at the invitation of Microsoft Brazil as part of the Insider program. There, we stepped in and competed both in the opening segment, basically the same thing we had seen at the Gamescom 2021 presentation, as well as at some Festival Horizon events.

Familiar and innovative in the right measure

“We wanted longtime fans to feel a sense of familiarity with the gameplay,” explained creative director Mike Brown in an exclusive interview. “But while familiarity was a key word for our team throughout development, we also weren’t afraid to push the boundaries of the series in exciting new directions.”

This is quickly made clear both by the flashy arrival in style on the runways, parachuting directly into the game world, and by the attention to detail that was employed in every corner of the scenarios. This time, the races will all be located in Mexico, and it was inspiring to see developer Playground Games’ care in recreating the country.

“Whether it’s building characters and local people or how we explore architecture and nature, our goal was to bring Mexico in a very uplifting way to players,” explained Mike. “We used local photographers and did a lot of research to ensure that all of our Mexican fans could see an accurate portrait of their country in the game, from the culture to the design of the roads and buildings.”


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