Forza Horizon 5 Reaches 10 Million Players In First Week


Forza Horizon 5 announced on its official Twitter account that it has already managed to reach the impressive ten million player mark in its first week of launch. Now the game is the biggest release in Xbox history for the first day and for the first week.

“Thanks to the 10+M Forza Horizon 5 fans for the biggest first week in Xbox and Xbox Game Pass history” – says the tweet in free translation. This highlights that this is the biggest first week for any title making it onto the Xbox Game Pass as well.

Success is for Microsoft to celebrate over any of its titles, but it’s especially impressive when we compare Forza Horizon 5 to its predecessor. The number of players for the new game is five times higher than Forza Horizon 4 managed in its first week, which were two million. The previous game also arrived via Xbox Game Pass from day one.

The great success of Forza Horizon 5 is certainly due in large part to the merits of the game itself, which has been praised by audiences and critics alike. But the number also represents the growth of the Xbox Game Pass, something Phil Spencer highlighted in his tweet celebrating the 4.5 million players the title won on its first day.