Fortnite x Rocket League – Llama-Rama event


The Flame-Branch event for Fortnite and Rocket League starts. By completing challenges in Rocket League we can get rewards in both video games.

The Llama-Rama event, which unites Fortnite and Rocket League, is now active. For the duration of this event (from September 26 to October 12, 2020), we will be able to obtain rewards in both games by completing challenges in Rocket League. Here’s what’s new, and how to get all the Rocket League rewards from Season 4 of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass:

Fortnite x Rocket League: Llama-Rama Challenges

To obtain rewards in both video games, we will have to play Rocket League and complete the following challenges:

Challenge 1: Llamas, start your engines!

  • Rocket League Challenge – Play a match online on any match list
  • Rocket League Reward: Flame Flyer Antenna
  • Fortnite Reward: Rocket League Spray

Challenge 2: Flagged for Victory

  • Rocket League Challenge: Win an Online Match with the Flame Antenna
  • Rocket League Reward: Top Llama Ornament
  • Fortnite Reward: Holodata Drop Stele

Challenge 3: Top of the World

  • Rocket League Challenge – Get five goals, saves or assists with the Llama ornament
  • Rocket League Reward: Loot Llama Decal (Octane)
  • Fortnite Reward: Rocket Groove Music Track

Challenge 4: An Epic Endeavor

  • Rocket League Challenge – Win five online matches on any match list with the Llama (Octane) sticker
  • Rocket League Reward: Flame Wheels
  • Fortnite Reward: Rocket League Emote

Challenge 5: Llama Legend

  • Rocket League Challenge: Get MVP in any online match with Llama wheels
  • Rocket League Reward: Battle Balloon Antenna + Battle Bus, Battle Bus Wheels, and Battle Bus Engine Sound
  • Fortnite Reward: Octane RL Backpacking Accessory + Style Variant
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According to Epic Games, to obtain the rewards in each of the video games, we must do the following:

  • In Fortnite you don’t have to do anything specific; simply logging in after completing each Rocket League challenge successfully will cause the game to give us the corresponding reward.
  • In Rocket League we have to enter the event challenges page to redeem the rewards based on the challenges we have completed.

If we forget to claim the rewards, we’ll automatically get them anyway when the event ends on October 12, 2020.


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