Fortnite Wins Imposter Mode At The Among Us


Expanding the mode options for Fortnite matches, Epic Games has announced the inclusion of a new mode available for a limited time in-game, titled Imposters – and, as we’ve already hinted at in the title, it’s very similar to what we see today. in Among Us.

According to the information released, this option puts a group of ten players into a match in which two of them become imposters. While the agents need to fulfill specific tasks to win the round, the other pair’s mission is to try to eliminate everyone else without having their identities revealed.

Despite the resemblance to Among Us, the option for Fortnite also brings some new features, such as the ability to teleport all players to random points on the map or make everyone look like Peely, the game’s mascot banana, for a short period of time – and in both cases, this offers a small advantage when it comes to covering up your actions.

If interested, you can already enjoy this option within Fortnite, which should be active for at least a week in the game.


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