Fortnite Wins Costume Based on Unreal Engine 5 Character


Fortnite: The protagonist of the technical demos of Unreal Engine 5, a new version of the graphic engine from Epic Games, has just won a skin in Fortnite. With that, the mysterious warrior who explores a world with realistic graphics in the videos of the new engine finally got a name: Echo of the Windwalker.

Little is known about the character, who until then was exclusive to the UE5 demo videos. But, according to the post signaling the launch of the costume, we now know that Wanderer is an experienced traveler who “is not intimidated by the journey ahead.” The in-game costume description has the enigmatic (but vague) text “may the good winds take you home”.

The character’s arrival on the island from the popular Battle Royale coincided with the release of a new technical demo video that showcases more of the graphics engine’s capabilities. This time the Wanderer fights what appears to be an Oni, a type of monster from Japanese mythology, using and abusing the blade of her sword with extreme agility and great dexterity.

Check out “Slay”, the new UE5 technical demo focused on showing a little more of the animation provided by the graphics engine, below:

This is the third time Echo da Andarilha do Vento has starred in an UE5 video. Last year, the warrior was featured in the first technical demo of the graphics engine, exploring the world while using magic, flying through the skies and entering a portal. Her second appearance was in the video that marked the arrival of the engine to the early access period.

Fortnite is free and has versions for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and compatible Android devices.


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