Fortnite will run at 4k and 60 fps Xbox Series X / S


Epic Games has confirmed that players of the new generation of consoles will have access right away at launch to the enhanced version of Fortnite, bringing numerous visual, performance and other enhancements that benefit from the native technologies of the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.

On PS5 and Xbox Series X, it will be possible to run Fortnite in 4K and at constant 60 fps, while on Series S the maximum resolution will be 1080p with the same 60 fps. On all consoles, battle royale participants will be able to take advantage of fast loading times to get into games faster, as well as playing in split screen with friends much more fluidly and without loss of performance.

On the Sony console, players will now be able to start the various game modes directly from the PlayStation 5 UI, which will have quick access guides to speed up startup. In addition, only with DualSense will there be the transmission of shooting sensations, wielding weapons and much more through the tactile feedback feature.

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