Fortnite will return to iPhone and iPad with GeForce Now


Fortnite may return to iPhones and iPads later this year. However, this return will not be exactly as you desire. The BBC reported that Fortnite can be played on Nvidia’s cloud-based game service GeForce Now. The GeForce Now service has not yet been announced for iOS, but the BBC has stated that an announcement is expected before the end of the year.

GeForce Now will run inside Safari, a web browser rather than a standalone app, due to Apple’s restrictions on game streaming services that make it cumbersome to support through the App Store. The service will allow you to transfer your personal game library to laptops, mobile phones and other devices that otherwise might not run them well or at all. A standard “Founders” plan is currently offered abroad for 5.49 euros per month. However, there is also a free plan that allows you to play games for a limited hour.

Microsoft reacted after Apple refused to directly support the xCloud service on iOS. Apple said “developers can choose to reach all iPhone and iPad users over the web via Safari and other browsers in the App Store”, and gave permission for such a solution. Apple had also updated the developer guidelines with specific rules that cloud gaming services can follow to reach iOS players, including individual game submission and review. However, Microsoft still called Apple’s compromise step “a bad experience for consumers”. Microsoft recently said that it plans to bring xCloud to iOS next year via Safari.

As a result of the GeForce Now browser solution to be introduced, Fortnite will be replayable on iPhone and iPads. However, only those who have passed the necessary steps to set up Nvidia’s streaming service on an iPhone will be able to take advantage of this facility. In this scenario, Fortnite could look better, thanks to the high-quality graphics as it is streamed from a computer. However, given that a browser will be in it, encountering latency issues and other obstacles, there is no guarantee it will run as fast as the native Fortnite mobile app.

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Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store last month after Epic, the game’s developer, secretly added a new in-app purchase option that offered lower prices but didn’t give Apple the 30 percent commission it receives for every in-app purchase. The two companies have since been locked in a legal battle, as Epic claims Apple has a monopoly on the App Store and payment systems. Apple has so far managed to get a court order allowing it to continue blocking Fortnite.

GeForce Now has officially been out of beta and launched its paid plan last February. It is currently possible to stream games to Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Android phones and Nvidia’s Shield streaming box. It competes with a number of other game streaming services launched last year, including Microsoft’s xCloud, Amazon’s Luna, and Google’s Stadia. Many of these services we’ve cited face similar restrictions on launching games directly on the device for Apple’s mobile platform.


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