Fortnite will release the Black Widow skin


Fortnite continues its Marvel-themed skin releases, this time prompting the addition of Russian assassin turned heroic spy Black Widow.

Fortnite has released countless Marvel skins in recent months, and it appears that Epic Games has no plans to stop doing so anytime soon. While Fortnite saw a brief hiatus from Marvel additions during the Halloween season, things are looking up with the latest planned addition of Black Widow.

Joked through an image on Fortnite’s Twitter, Black Widow appears to be the first to participate in the game’s Marvel Knockout Super Series tournament. This is also how Daredevil came to Fortnite, originally launching as a tournament reward for the winners of the first group and arriving in the Item Shop later. If the Black Widow addition reflects Daredevil’s launch setup, it should arrive about a week after the next phase of the tournament.

As players wait patiently for the release of the Black Widow MCU movie, using the character within Fortnite should help pass the time. Black Widow will be joining a massive lineup of Marvel heroes, from X-Men like Wolverine to fellow Avengers Thor and Iron Man. While it’s unclear if she’ll be coming into the game with her own abilities or just as a skin, watch her. Getting there is good news either way.

While the Twitter teaser image is blackened, obscuring the character design within Fortnite, Black Widow is unlikely to look much different from her traditional comic book appearances. Fortnite seems to be pulling characters straight off the pages when it comes to designing their in-game looks, so Natasha is likely wearing her classic outfit rather than some of the more varied Black Widow looks seen at Marvel’s. Avengers.

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Since Ghost Rider recently joined Fortnite through the Marvel Super Series competition, it will be interesting to see which characters are coming to Fortnite next. Both iconic Marvel captains, Captain America and Captain Marvel, have yet to appear in the game. Beyond that, the Fantastic Four are yet to appear due to their ties to Doctor Doom, who is already in the game. Spider-Man is certainly an option too, and his addition seems likely given the numerous leaks regarding Venom.

New skins are coming for Fortnite

With Fortnite with years of Marvel content planned, developers will have plenty of options for new skins in the future. However, for now, players should be excited about the upcoming addition of Black Widow, as the Soviet spy should be seen falling into Fortnite matches very soon.


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