Fortnite will have a crossover with the Marvel hero Thor


It has become a tradition to see Fortnite crossover with famous superheroes like Captain America or Deadpool. The powerful ball is the mighty Thor, who will also receive his own event! The information was confirmed in the official game profile on Twitter, as you can see below:

We will receive more information on this on August 27, and we will probably see a few more teasers and trailers by then, clarifying what exactly players will receive thanks to this marketing action. Remember that this is not the first meeting between Thor and Fortnite, since the God of Thunder appeared playing the success of Epic Games in the movie Avengers: Ultimatum!

Rumors are already circulating among fans that the next Fortnite season, Season 2 of Chapter 2, could be all Marvel heroes themed, and that we might even see Wolverine themed skins there! The season should start exactly on August 27 with the Thor event, and it is expected that on that date several cosmetics inspired by the character will be released.

Maybe with his iconic hammer, Mjolnir doesn’t end up playing the pickaxe? What items, themes, skins and characters from Thor’s mythology would you like to see in the game? Tell us in the comments below!

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