Fortnite: why are the battle royale servers offline?


After more than a month without anything new, Fortnite is finally launching a new update! Check out the v15.20 version of Battle Royale.

Fortnite fans are in a panic today. Indeed, following the deployment of patch 15.2, the servers are not responding. They are indeed offline.

Launched for the very first time on July 21, 2017, Fortnite very quickly seduced fans of Battle Royale. It must be said that the game rocks.

Despite a fairly simple mechanics and a game mode for the less redundant, Epic Games still manages to retain its customers thanks to a multitude of regular new features.

Patch 15.20 is in the process of being implemented in Fortnite, with a brand new update! After 4 weeks without an update on the game, a lot of new content should be made available to players. Yes, you understood correctly: new features will soon be to be discovered.

But in the meantime, the game’s servers are offline and unresponsive. Who says update, says maintenance. So it seems normal that it is impossible to start the game. Unfortunately, it will take a while before it will work again.

“Take a closer look at the new update, very soon! We plan to deploy Update v15.20 tomorrow! Start of maintenance at 10 a.m., end of matchmaking around 9:30 a.m., as always! ”Announced the official Fortnite Twitter account.

Once the maintenance is complete and the servers are back online, players will be able to join a game and discover what’s new in Fortnite. The next update should be rolled out within the next two weeks!


What does this update have in store for us on Fortnite? Creative mode may change, starting with the arrival of three new weapons. Namely a “cowboy repeating shotgun”, a “lever pump shotgun” and “anti-gravity guns”. This is likely to make people happy.

Lazy Links prefabs (Lazy Links Clubhouse, Store, Garage and Gallery) have also been added. They will bring back good memories to some players. Very good !

Other fixes should address many issues around maps, items, weapons or gameplay and galleries. What a relief !

More surprises could come later with this new update, as dataminers have unearthed several clues. For example, new skins which should be available shortly, as well as a secret skin which is rumored to match Predator’s. This is a famous alien hunter from John McTiernan’s film. Wow!

So Fortnite fans can’t wait to find out what it will turn out to be. To be continued !


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