Fortnite: where to find XP coins on the Battle Royale map?


Fortnite fans have embarked on season 5. We explain how to find XP coins on the Battle Royale map. Epic Games is experiencing a huge success with Fortnite. The video game continues to innovate so as not to tire the fans and they have seen XP coins appear on the Battle Royale map.

Several weeks ago, Epic Games wrapped up Fortnite Season 4. Thus, just before Christmas, gamers were able to embark on season 5 and it has many surprises in store. In fact, for the holiday season, Epic Games had placed snowmen and fans loved the sets.

Fans of the video game are in week 7 of season 5. This new week brings its share of novelties and Epic Games seems to have been very generous since the XP coins have reappeared in the game. Before, these coins were present, but suddenly disappeared. What to make sad the fans of the first hour.

However, this Wednesday, January 13, they made their comeback in Fortnite. In addition to completing the challenges of Season 5, players can indulge in the coin quest. It couldn’t be simpler, since all you have to do is bring a room up to the table and watch the XP stream.

This will eventually explode and offer a dozen XP coins in the Battle Royale. These coins are used to gain more experience points and therefore be able to level up faster. Better find them before it’s too late!


In Fortnite Season 5, there are over 10 XP coins to find in order to have a maximum of 75,000 XP. These pieces are therefore not to be overlooked if we want to progress as much as possible in the Battle Royale. Some are very easy to find since you can see them from afar with their brilliant color.

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However, other parts are much more difficult to find, so it is best to be patient. You should know that the pieces are scattered around the map and it will therefore not be possible to collect everything at once. However, three XP pieces are in the upper part of the map.

Then, video game fans will be able to find four more pieces in the center row. Finally, the last three are towards the bottom of the map, echoes Dexerto. We can therefore assume that at least three trips will be necessary to obtain all the parts.

The easiest coin to collect in Fortnite is between Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks. On the contrary, the room that is hiding near the Coral Castle is more difficult to find and players who lack vigilance could therefore miss it. It would be better to keep your eyes wide open so as not to miss anything!


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