Fortnite: Where to find a basket of tomatoes from a farm?


One of the epic missions (purple color) of Week 4 of Season 5 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2 asks us to collect a tomato basket from a nearby farm. This Fortnite mission is conveniently called “collect a tomato basket from a nearby farm.” In this section of our complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide we tell you where to find tomato baskets

Fortnite Season 5: Location of tomato baskets from a nearby farm

The task that we are asked to complete this mission is to collect a tomato basket that appears at various points in a specific area of the map: El Huerto. This iconic place on the map is located south of Sandy Cliffs, and north of Colosseum Colosseum:

On the upper floor of the central barn
On the ground floor of the house on the north side, in the kitchen

To pick up a tomato basket, just get close enough to it so that a button or key appears on the screen that we must hold down for a few seconds.

As always when we have a challenge of this type, we recommend that you play Team Brawl to complete it. In Team Fight we can redeploy the hang glider at will, which allows us to move quickly through the map, in addition to that in this game mode there are respawns.

The ideal is to fall quickly in El Huerto, and pick up a weapon as soon as we touch the ground. Once this is done, we go to the marked areas, and quickly pick up a tomato basket. This ensures that we complete this mission quickly and relatively safely. We tell you to do it this way precisely to avoid the more than likely presence of enemy players, and thus we also prevent them from liquidating us.


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