Fortnite: where is Casita del Cazador and how to throw fruit


One of the epic challenges / missions (purple color) of Week 13 of Season 5 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2 asks us to throw fruit in the Hunter’s House. This Fortnite mission is called “Throw Fruit in Hunter’s House”. In this section of our complete guide to Fortnite Battle Royale we tell you where Casita del Cazador is:

Fortnite Season 5: Hunter’s House location

To complete this mission, we must throw any three pieces of fruit in the Hunter’s House, regardless of whether it is in the same game, or throughout several. Hunter’s House is at this point on the map:

The house that is on the lake. The kitchen is on the ground floor.
The most southeastern house. The kitchen is on the ground floor.
We simply open the cardboard boxes, collect the fruit inside, and throw it like any other type of throwing object (we must aim and “shoot”):

Once we are in any of these areas, we must find one of the servers and interact with it to complete the mission. They look like the following:

Please note that at the time of publication of this guide, Team Brawl is not active; instead, we have Team Rumble: Siphon, and in this mode there are no healing items, including food and fruit. We will have to try to complete this challenge in the normal game modes: Solo, Duos, Trios or Squads. In any case, what we will do is land in Casita del Cazador quickly, go quickly to either of those two houses, and collect fruit, then launch it and thus complete this simple mission.


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