Fortnite: Where are the colored steel bridges in season 4


One of the challenges of Week 2 of Season 4 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2 asks us to pass under several colored steel bridges while piloting a motorboat. This Fortnite challenge is “go under different colored steel bridges with a speedboat.” In this section of our complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide we help you complete it

Fortnite: locations of the colored steel bridges

What this challenge asks us to do is go under three of the five colored steel bridges on the island while we go by motorboat. It does not matter the game mode, or if we complete this task in the same game or throughout several. We leave you a map with the locations of the colored steel bridges

  • Yellow Steel Bridge: F7 Quadrant
  • Blue Steel Bridge: E2 Quadrant
  • Purple Steel Bridge: C6 Quadrant
  • Red steel bridge: between quadrants D3 and D4
  • Green steel bridge: between quadrants F4 and G4

We will find motorboats all over the island, especially in coastal areas. Perhaps the fastest route to complete the challenge in the same game is the following: we take a boat in Sandy Cliffs, and with it we go towards the blue steel bridge. From here, we go to the red steel bridge. We turn around, and head towards the green steel bridge.

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