Fortnite: what’s the fastest way to get around?


We tell you what is the fastest method to move around the huge island of Fortnite Battle Royale. Hang gliding, speedboat, running …

With a few days left for the cars to arrive at Fortnite, a Reddit user has conducted a study on what is the fastest way to move in the game. Then we leave you his discoveries; These are the fastest transportation methods from Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Season 3:

This is the fastest way to get around in Fortnite

As collected in FortniteIntel, the Reddit user SymboleX has made several tests with the different transport methods available in the competitive modes of Fortnite Battle Royale. With this in mind, vehicles such as the Choppa helicopter have not been taken into account when making this list, since it is not available in Fortnite Arena modes.

fortnite episode 2 season 3 means of transport move fast
These are the data collected by u / SymboleX
What this user has done has been measuring the time it takes to travel 100 meters in the game using different transport methods. In this way, by comparing them with each other, you can establish which of them is the fastest of all. The list would be such that:

Running: 18s / 100m
Swimming: 10s / 100m
Motorboat: 5s / 100m
Use the hang glider: 5s / 100m Note: the pepper does not increase the speed at which we move in hang glider
Running with pepper: 13s / 100m
Swimming with pepper: 7.5s / 100m
As you can see, the fastest means of transportation is hang gliding, tied with the speedboat. However, the hang glider has a fairly obvious advantage over the boat: it travels through the air, which eliminates any obstacle on the ground; This makes it the optimal means of transportation.

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Knowing which mode of transportation is the fastest in Fortnite Battle Royale is especially helpful when planning our next move, and for surviving by avoiding the deadly storm.


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