Fortnite: We Humans and More Than One Vote


Fortnite will host the racial and political gatherings We The People and More Than a Vote. If we participate, we will get the Impetus gesture for free.

Epic Games has announced through a publication on its official blog the celebration of We The People and More Than a Vote within the Fortnite Master Party game mode. If we participate in this Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Season 3 event, we will get the free Momentum gesture. We tell you everything we know just below:



We The People and More Than a Vote in Fortnite: How to Get the Free Momentum Gesture

On Wednesday July 29 at 01:00 CEST will take place on the Big Screen inside the island of the Magisterial Party game mode. We the People and More than a Vote are, according to the official Fortnite blog post, from Epic Games, “a series of conversations that brings together a group of athletes and artists that seeks to inspire and empower young people to face to the vote suppression crisis that disproportionately affects African American communities. ”

All players attending the premiere of the We the People game in Fortnite on July 29 will receive the Free Momentum gesture as a special gift. This gesture has been created in honor of the dance sent by Michael Mejeh, the winner of the #EmoteRoyaleContest. To obtain this item, we must log in to Fortnite between 02:00 on July 28 and 02:00 on July 30. Once obtained, this gesture will be ours forever, and we can equip it at the Box Office whenever we want.

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