Fortnite: Wanda and Avengers Vision skins coming?


Wanda and Vision, the Avengers known with the series WandaVision they have their chandes to make their cameo in the famous video game Fortnite?

Fortnite could have brand new skins in store for us to delight us. Indeed, the game of Battle Royale could perhaps integrate two new characters. Guesses point to two well-known Avengers. Heroes celebrated with a Disney + series. We are of course talking to you about Wanda and Vision!

Leaks are rife about the Fortnite game files. Thus, thanks to minors everywhere, we know a little more about the updates to come.

They manage to find the next skins in the Battle Royale code in advance. Thus, we were able to predict the arrival of several characters in the game.

As we know, the game offers many crossovers. Especially with the Avengers and all the other Marvel heroes who populate the comics and the MCU.

These collabs are sure to catch the eye of seasoned players who like to change their appearance. Never mind: new heroes could then emerge.

This time around, rumors have it that Wanda and Vision, from the Disney + series of the same name, are about to make their debut in Fortnite. Info or intox ? We disentangle the true from the false for you.

Fortnite: soon the arrival of the skins of Wanda and Vision of the Avengers?


As you already know, Fortnite has a series of collabs from all sides. Many heroes have already emerged, fulfilling the predictions of data miners.

Recently, Flash heroes for DC have seen the light of day, for gamers to enjoy. Just like Tron or the Mandalorian from the Disney + series from Star Wars.

It wouldn’t be surprising that this time around, the choice is Wanda and Vision. Could the Scarlet Witch and her sidekick have a role to play in the Battle Royale?

They could thus complete the line-up of Marvel heroes who are already very present in the game. We remember, for example, the arrival of Iron Man who made noise.

Or Captain America, Thor, Aquaman, Tornado, Wolverine Mystique and the other mutants of the X-Men. Seeing Vision and the Scarlet Witch in play would therefore not be incongruous.

With the arrival of patch 15.40 in Fortnite, players are already betting on the next skins. And according to ShiinaBR, the code names in the encrypted files are clearly aimed at our two heroes.

The code names in question are “BikeCatch”, “ToneTrip” and “ActuePanic”. What does it correspond to in short?

“AcutePanic could be Wanda, right?” A net surfer asked ShiinaBR. “Because she freaks out all the time.”

Others rely on the fact that the theme of Season 5 bears an eerie resemblance to the plot of WandaVision. Here is a mystery to be unraveled …

In the series, Wanda locks the inhabitants of a city into the reality she has created. In Fortnite Season 5, Jonesy does the same on the island.