Fortnite: Waffles banned for finding bug on FNCS


Fortnite player James “Waffles” has been disqualified from the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) 2020 in North America and is banned for 30 days from Battle Royale.

The punishment was announced last Sunday (2), after Waffles accidentally found a bug in a match of the tournament itself. The biggest controversy is that it was not Waffles who activated the bug, he just eliminated another player who had activated it. The failure left the Waffles inventory with infinite Crash Pads, making it impossible to even pick up new weapons.

News of the FNCS suspension and ban on his account arrived shortly after the end of the match. As it was a three-way competition, his teammates were also suspended from FNCS. Waffles used his Twitter account to explain what happened, and soon several professional Fortnite players reacted with revolt and criticized the punishment, which was said to be unfair.

Waffles sent an email to Epic Games to try to appeal. But the developer replied that the ban would not be lifted, since Waffles’ account had been detected in his anti-cheat system. Another excerpt in the text sent by Epic said that the player should not disclose videos of any type of bug working on social networks, under penalty of it having greater consequences on your account.

Indignation has increased due to the rule that states that a player suspended from an edition of the FNCS will not be able to participate in future seasons. That is, it is a big problem for your professional career. Waffles put the screenshots of the conversation on his Twitter account, where he showed all his frustration with what happened and remembered that he would probably give up his career at Fortnite if his problem was not resolved.

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The controversy caused the game community to launch the hashtag #freewaffles, showing support to the player and asking the developer to review the ban, as the situation was beyond their control. Among the players who came out in their defense are Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, world champion in the solo category at the 2019 world championship, and Nicholas “Thiefs” Smorto, pro player at FaZe Clan.


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