Fortnite Tracker: How to check your account information


Fortnite is the most played battle royale today, and that is an indisputable fact. Despite being a fever and even having a monthly subscription plan with several benefits for the community, the Epic Games Store game does not have any tracker tools with player statistics.

However, some alternative sites, such as, gather all the necessary information from the players’ accounts, be it matches, hours played, kills, number of wins and even losses.

Today, the walkthrough is very simple and we will teach you how to use Fortnite Tracker to your advantage, so that you can evolve more and more the skills in the game. The tool is completely free and will certainly help you to improve in some specific aspects of the game from the analysis of your account.

Step 1: access the website;

Step 2: in the “Enter your Epic name” tab, enter your Fortnite username;

Step 3: the first page will present you with a summary of your account, with the user’s name, platform on which he plays and an overview of the matches;

Step 4: the most important data of your account are in the “Progress” tab, click on this option;

Step 5: in the “Progress” tab, you will be able to see all the data for your solo, duo and squad matches, in addition, there you will have the number of kills, wins and even K / D, which consists of the relationship between slaughter and deaths in your account – in this last field, the ideal is to have the number greater than 1;

Step 6: last but not least, click on the “Leaderboards” tab (at the top of the page) to see the best Fortnite players around the world – in this option, some of the best and most famous players will be on the list;

Step 7: by clicking on the profile of some players on the list, you will be able to explore their data and compare it with yours to create a base and improve specific points, always mirroring more experienced players. is just one of the tools available that will surely help you to be an even better player. In addition, Epic Games also previously announced that the game will have video chat integration, both on PS4 and PC, being an excellent feature for you and your friends to evolve together more and more.

It is important to note that the system works only with the last ten matches played by you.

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