Fortnite: the world of football comes to the famous game!


Football is making its debut in the Fortnite game. From now on it will be possible to do a 4 against 4 or to obtain shirts.

A novelty is coming to the Fortnite game. From January 23, the jerseys of 23 football clubs will be available in the game. However, no French club has been represented. Not even PSG. A rather surprising choice on the part of the developers.

Players can therefore equip their characters with the jerseys of certain clubs. We will find for example AC Milan or Manchester City. A news that could delight the most football fans! But that’s not all.

In addition to these jerseys, player Pelé will be featured in this new Fortnite release. “Celebrate your royal victory the same way Pelé celebrated 1,282 goals in his incredible career!” Players can also participate in a special cup.

Her name ? Pelé Cup. The goal ? Receive Pelé’s Celebration Emote and Kick-Off set for absolutely free. The best will even be able to win a signed and personalized jersey. A very nice reward for the most assiduous.


But in addition to all that, Fortnite integrates a new island in its game. This one will be on the theme of football. It therefore provides access to 4v4 games to face off in a frenetic match. A moment to face your friends while playing Fortnite.

“Use your own body, pickaxe, powerups, boosters and more to try and score more points than your opponent. Each game has two rounds. The winners advance to the next heat for the final, while the losers go head to head for third place. ”

Fortnite therefore explains this new world. Something to delight players who want a little something new. Then for all FIFA fans, this mode can therefore combine two of the most popular games of the moment. So have fun!


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