Fortnite: the game wants back to the App Store!


The battle between Apple and Epic Games is not about to end! Indeed, despite its first legal defeat against Apple, Epic Games maintains its positions and calls for the return of Fortnite to the App Store.

He had the audacity to try to get around the rules set by the digital giant. Now he has to pay the price. In any case, that’s what the first court ruling against the studio Epic Games seems to mean.

As a reminder, the latter tried to circumvent the rules of the App Store by allowing direct payment through his Fortnite app. In this way, the Epic Games group avoided paying the App Store tax which amounts to 30% of the revenue generated. Just that !

A technique that has not passed on to Apple’s side. Indeed, after Epic Games refused to pay the tax, Apple decided to remove the game from the Apple Store.

Epic Games therefore went to court, and the California Court rendered a first decision. The latter agrees with Apple and therefore authorizes it to exclude Fortnite from the App Store.

This decision is not unanimous, however, especially with the publisher and players.


Indeed, this withdrawal is not without consequences for the publisher of the game, just like for the players!

Thus, Epic Games is asking, via a legal counterattack, that Fortnite no longer be excluded from the App Store, at least until the final judgment is rendered.

A request which is more than understandable. Indeed, nearly a third of the 350 million players of “Batlle Royale” are on iOS!

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The situation is therefore really serious for the Epic Games group since this court decision could cause it irreparable harm. Indeed the studio may never see some of its players again. They do not hesitate to complain about the situation, which is more than restrictive for them:

“63% of Fortnite users on Apple devices only play Fortnite on Apple devices. The damage created towards these people is significant. ”

To know if Epic Games will be able to return to the App Store, we will have to wait a bit. Indeed, the next hearing will take place on September 28!

We will obviously keep you informed!


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