Fortnite: the battle royale could make a comeback on IOS!


Eclypsia has just given hope to all Fortnite fans. The battle royale could soon be back on IOS. Already many years now that Fortnite has spent hours and days in front of their screens, players around the world. Indeed, the Epic Games battle royale generated a huge buzz upon its release and it doesn’t seem to stop. The game’s success being such that it also landed on IOS and Android.

At the same time, it was a completely new genre for all gamers. Indeed, no company has yet launched such a concept. Get dropped on a huge map facing 99 opponents and have to survive.

Add to that cartoon-like backgrounds, weapons more powerful than each other, and construction, you get the perfect cocktail. A cocktail named Fortnite bringing together more and more players over the years.

Still, the game has seen some routs. Whether it is at the level of plagiarism or even more recently its war with IOS.

A war that does not seem ready to end yet, but which still hints at the end of the tunnel. Because yes, Fortnite, could soon return to iPhones in the coming months. Find out why.


Our colleagues in Eclypsia have actually noticed a disturbing detail. In fact, the media say it is the dataminers who have found a line of code. Line added during the last update. The line of code in question would focus on removing the direct payment button on iOS.

But before Fortnite fans jump for joy. Note that these same dataminers quickly come back to their ad. Or rather, quickly took the tweezers to calm things down. They let it be known that it could also be a mistake.

Of course, fans of the Epic Games battle royale hope this is indeed a breakthrough in “peace” between the company and IOS. This means that the game could again be available on smartphones.

Because it has been many months since Fortnite fans can no longer play their favorite game on their phone.


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