Fortnite teases the arrival of Llama Llambro skin on Twitter!


A leak concerning a new Fortnite skin has just appeared on the Web. It is said to be a llama skin that may arrive shortly.

Since the early days of Fortnite, an animal has been present and sacred in the game. Any battle royal fan will no doubt know that we are talking about the famous llama. Many players dream of meeting them during their game.

Not because they like this kind of animal, but mainly for the gains it can provide. Because yes, if you are used to playing, you know what “Serge’s cousins” can offer you: a very nice booty.

Taking longer to open than a simple chest, the Llama doesn’t let you get its loot as easily as you might think. Often placed in an uncovered area, you find yourself an easy target when trying to discover its contents in Fortnite.

But if you can make it all the way to the opening, you come out proud and happy. Between legendary weapons and potions galore, your game gets a little more serious when you have discovered a llama’s treasure.

In short, then, this is a very important animal in Fortnite. The developers know it and that’s why they’ve decided to honor it in their own way. According to a leak that appeared on the Web and relayed by Dexerto, it could become a next skin.

In any case, that’s what the latest tweet from leaker ShiinaBR suggests. This one, known for his many information about the battle royal.

Fortnite teases the arrival of Llama Llambro skin on Twitter!


Regarding the arrival date of this future costume, you would have to wait a bit, but not that much. Indeed, the media let know “the new content of the Club often comes out on the last day of the month”.

In other words February 28 could be the date we will see the Llambro and other items being released in Fortnite. How to get the famous pack now remains to be seen. It could not be easier “.

But “simple” also rhymes with “costs” … Indeed, you will understand, it will be necessary to pay a small amount to hope to unlock it. You will have to register with the Fortnite club. Once done, you will receive the current month’s pack immediately after your subscription.

This can demotivate many, but be aware that once this subscription is launched, you will receive a gift and a new pack at the beginning of each month as long as you remain an active member. Much like the Playstation Plus subscription.

Coming back to the llama pack, know that this one does not only contain the outfit. Indeed, you will be able to find there the skin “Llegend”, the pickaxe “Puffcorn Pick” and the accessory of back “Llambro”.

Fortnite players now know what to expect in their next giveaway.


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