Fortnite: the split screen finally available!


Long without competition, Fortnite has to face new games. And for that, the battle royale is trying to reinvent itself. After chapter 2, the split screen arrives this time.

If it is not the first chronologically, Fortnite remains the first battle royale to have really broken through. Despite the competition from PUBG, the game with childish graphics has managed to democratize. And to become number 1 quickly. But with the arrival of Apex, for example, Epic Games has stopped building on its legacy. Healthy competition which then pushes to evolve.

And Fortnite got it right. To last, it is therefore necessary to evolve. A strategy that Epic Games implements by various means. After the buzz of the black hole and the arrival of Chapter 2, we had to innovate once again. And this time, it is an expected and requested novelty that Epic Games has therefore implemented. The split of the screen in two. A novelty that will make gamers speak.

This novelty seems motivated by several points. If players are multiplayer enthusiasts, it’s for playing with friends. And what could be better than facing your friends on the same sofa rather than behind a screen. Inspired by Call of Duty and Mario Kart, this update seemed obvious. It’s now done.

Fortnite’s 11.30 update therefore allows the screen to be split. An option available on Xbox One and PS4. Information communicated in error by the game’s website. Before even being made official, a leak announced how to use the split screen. A small communication error on the part of the game which should not have too much impact.

So you too are looking forward to testing this new game mode. Make way for nostalgia and your joysticks!


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