Fortnite: Season 7 already planned for June 2021?


As Season 6 is at its peak, players are already expecting the Season 7 vents on Fortnite. Is this our soon?

Season 6 of Fortnite is in full swing, after all! In any case, it seems to delight aficionados of the most famous Battle Royale in the world. As we discover a host of surprises in the game, fans are wondering when the next season will kick off. Can we hope for a season 7 this summer?

Not long ago, Fortnite revealed to us its flagship vents for season 6 of the video game. The fans are not at the end of their troubles or their surprises in this sense.

Moreover, many characters have already appeared in the game. And it seems a priori to continue in this direction, with the appearance of big names.

Among these we can mention Lara Croft from the famous game Tomb Raider. Or even the PSG player, Neymar Jr, who will also make his appearance in the game.

Besides these last two, a certain The Rock could also have the right to his cameo. This, while we are only at the beginnings of this new season.

Either way, fans are already wondering if Season 7 is going to show its way anytime soon. It looks like this one is coming by next summer, judging by the latest rumors.


At the start of each season, we already wonder what the date of the next one will be. In short, this is an inevitable question with every Fortnite update.

A date seems advanced everywhere on the Web: June 8. That is a few days before summer 2021 and three months after the launch of season 6.

Finally, this date is of course only provisional, but it bears witness to a small clue as to the arrival of this impending season. Of course, not all of the details are known about this upcoming season.

We are also not exempt from a possible postponement, as for seasons 1 and 2. A season can very well last three months as almost 6 months for the longest, as we saw in chapter 1.

As for the day of its deployment, it could be a Tuesday, bearing in mind that Season 6 kicked off on a Tuesday. However, Epic Games would go in the opposite direction of its usual seasons.

Indeed, they start rather on Wednesday or Thursday, and there, the whole calendar would be turned upside down. Finally, we are not exempt from anything and Epic Games could surprise us once again.

Suffice to say that season 7 is already arousing much envy, even though Fortnite has not completed its 6th season. It remains to be seen what Epic Games has in store for us to end it in style.