Fortnite Season 5: patch 15.40 is coming to Epic Games!


We will have to update the Battle Royale … Indeed, Fortnite inaugurates its season 5 with a brand new patch: 15.40!

Updates continue on Fortnite, with a brand new patch. Indeed, the game from Epic Games has just unveiled its version 15.40. A patch that will allow you to update yourself on the most famous Battle Royale in the world. Ready to upgrade? How to do it ?

As we begin chapter 2 of season 5 of Fortnite, Epic Games decides to deliver a patch. A patch that weighs its weight, by the way.

Yep, you know that these are pretty byte-hungry. You will therefore need a good WiFi connection and avoid 4G.

Indeed, it tends to be energy intensive on your smartphones for mobile gamers. You could end up with an overrun, and we want to avoid that.

This is not the first time that we have found ourselves with a substantial update. The Season 5 update weighed in at nearly 10GB for each medium.

However, Fortnite patch 15.40 will only have a few gigabytes on the counter. However, leave a little space so that you don’t end up on your kneecaps, however! We tell you everything.


This Fortnite update differs in weight depending on the platform therefore. For example, the PC version will weigh no less than 1.50 GB.

For the PS4 version as well as the PS5 version, count 2.5 GB. Their rivals the Xbox One and Xbox Series X require 3.2 GB and 2.3 GB respectively.

For the Switch, count 3 gigabytes. Once the update is done, your game will be operational! In any case, this turnkey patch will help you keep up to date.

To speed up the download, connect to ethernet instead if you are playing on a console or PC. On a smartphone, connect to your wifi hotspot.

Regarding the content of the package, it will present its share of novelty in short. Like the return of a weapon Fortnite players have been waiting for a long time.

Indeed, the flintlock pistol will be back to the delight of Battle Royale aficionados! Of course, that won’t be the only new thing to see in the game.

Some skins and cosmetics will also delight fashionistas in the game who like to change both appearance and shirt. So you will be spoiled.

Especially since some skins have already been leaked, whether they are back accessories or full skins. Finally, these cosmetics are only in the game file and not in the Item Shop yet.

On the bugs side, the patch will correct a whole bunch of concerns that bother players. Like totals bars, purple XP coins, or phone booths that didn’t meet the parameters!


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