Fortnite Season 4: the first changes begin on the island


The first changes to the map of Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2 begin. The Trask Transport Truck and Ant-Man’s Mansion arrive on the island.

Although it is less than a week since Season 4 of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass began, the first changes to this season’s map have already begun. Through dimensional rifts, several new iconic locations from the Marvel universe have appeared on the island of Fortnite, and more will appear during these days. We tell you everything we know below:

Fortnite: Trask Transport Truck and Ant-Man’s Mansion arrive on the island

On August 29 and 31, two new iconic locations arrived on the Fortnite island:

  • Trask Transport Truck: Quadrant C1, next to Alcor Acogedor.
  • Ant-Man’s Mansion: between quadrants B5 and C5, next to Sacred Hedges.

These two new zones came to the island through dimensional rifts. In fact, in its surroundings we find cracks that we can use to transport ourselves quickly around the stage; entering one of them makes us appear in the sky at high altitude, and with the possibility of redeploying our hang glider.

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